Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz lightings that suits your room as decrations in night. Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz to home and room decorations to floor capiz lamp shades. Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz to home and room decorations to hanging capiz chandeliers. Phlippine Hand made products of table capiz lamp shades in variety of collection from capiz chips design and in different colors and sizes. Collection of capiz chips and strands in a variety of colors and designs, sizes, with hole or without hole.
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Jumbo Pacific Inc., Philippine Hand made Table Capiz lamp shade from the raw shell of capiz shells.
Jumbo Pacific Inc., Philippine hand made capiz hanging chandelier from the raw shell of capiz shells from natural components home decorations.
Jumbo Pacific Inc., Capiz shell from Raw shell of Natural Component to elegant capiz floor lamp shades.
Capiz collection of chip, strand, design, color
Natural and Colored Capiz Curtain from the philippine
Jumbo Pacific Inc. Collection of Capiz Candle Holder that ligts up your night.
The hottest and cheapest of home interior decoration or even mordern classical today. Made of capiz shell perfectly handmade to make your home, office or even your private room more unique, elegant stlye. Our Capiz lamp shades, table lamps, hanging lamps and floor lamp shades are very easy to install available in different colors, shapes and design.

Jumbo Pacific Inc. is one of the biggest manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and exporter of all Chandeliers, Table Lamps, Floor Lampshades, curtans and capiz chips for making all Philippine handmade products for home decoration and interior design exportly worldwide.

Capiz sea shells are the main components for making beautiful and elegant but very affordable home decoration today. The round capiz shells called capiz shell strings and capiz shell strands are used to make capiz chandeliers, capiz lamps, capiz hanging windchimes and capiz curtains. The chandelier, lamp, curtain and windchime can also be use in the hotel, resorts, bedroom, living room and office in different design, size and color.

Chandelier shades for lighting purpose in modern or classic light from capiz chandelier, capiz lamp shade, capiz candle holder from mini to big sizes, natural aqua color to tinted color capiz shell product. Can be putted anywhere part like for hanging, floor, table and many more as long for interior design.